Time of flight diffraction is one of the most advanced techniques of ultrasound examination. The method is based on the phenomenon of diffraction of the ultrasonic waves that create virtual images of the discontinuities found in the examined parts.

This method has a higher degree of accuracy than any other method of ultrasound and it is considered to be one of the fastest NDT methods because a weld can be examined in a single scan.


  • žImages obtained with the help TOFD guarantees complete coverage of the area examined/ inspected;
  • TOFD technology can detect 100% defects in controlled parts;
  • žTOFD has a high sensitivity regarding the detection of defects planar, vertical or horizontal which can not be distinguished by X-ray or with conventional UT;
  • TOFD system is able to store and evaluate the details of the defects, on the height, length, and makes this with a high degree of accuracy using the TomoView program;
  • The ability to show multiple images at the same time, resulting in rapid identification of discontinuities with the help of TomoView and Omni PC programs.ž Configuring examination with the help of Estbean Tools and Setup Bilder.


  • žControl of welds with large thicknesses;
  • žžRecording and storage on the control device and transmitting the recorded CD.


  • žOlympus MXU;
  • žOlympus MX2.