This examination consists of applying a dye penetrant on the examined surface. After penetration time, the developer is applied. Due to the absorption properties of the developer is highlight the discontinuities open to the surface.


  • Identification of all defects opened to the surface, including the ones that can not be seen on visual examination.
  • Examination of welded joints of metallic and nonmetallic (ceramic, aluminum, etc.)

Types of examinations:

  • Dye penetrant examination – color contrast.
  • Fluorescent penetrant examination.


  • The method is very sensitive to the presence of small superficial discontinuities which makes it superior to visual examination.
  • There are few use limitations. At the same time, several small objects can be tested without compromising quality standards, thus osaving time and reducing costs considerably.
  • Complex geometries can also be tested.


  • Cleaner;
  • Penetrant red or fluorescent;
  • Cleaner or water for removing excess of penetrant;
  • Develop;
  • UV Lamp.