Macrostructure shows the structure of metallic materials that can be viewed and studied with the naked eye or using magnifiers with magnification up to 30 times.

Microstructure shows the structure of “internal” metallic materials. Microstructural analysis is both classic in the laboratory and in the field by metallographic replica method.


  • It studies the formation and arrangement of structural elements (particles);
  • It examines the changing structure of materials after an operating period;
  • It controls the quality of welded joints;
  • It detects and studies the structure of the defects (inclusions gas / porosity, cracks, chemical inhomogenities)

Metallographic sample preparation in the laboratory and in the field, is made with various grit sandpaper and diamond paste.

Receiving and capturing images is performed using a digital camera microscope directly on the specimen or celluloid film used for taking microstructural image.


  • Microscop Neophot 2;
  • OPTIKA B-353-MET.