Magnetic particle testing is indicated for detecting surface and its vicinity’s defects. The technique exploits a special feature of ferrous alloys – ferromagnetism; it is the ability to focus the magnetic field on an area in order to highlight the anomalies of the flux lines of magnetic field in the surface defect.


  • Identification of surface defects and its vicinity’s defects;
  • Examination of material surfaces likely to crack.

Types of examinations:

  • Color contrast magnetic particle testing;
  • žFluorescent magnetic particle testing.


  • In contrast to other types of examinations, the magnetic particle can determine the surface defects even in the vicinity. In addition, using this method it is not necessary to clean the surface before, aspect which confers an advantage linked so the execution time, and the conditions in which the examination can be performed;
  • The necessary equipment is portable, and the result is immediate;
  • žHigh speed examination;
  • žSimplicity and ease in performing the examination.


  • Cleaner;
  • White background color;
  • Testspray for Magnetic particle testing – magnetic powder fluorescent;
  • Hand Yokes;
  • UV Lamps.