Thickness measurements are an application of ultrasounds. The method has applicability on any steel product or any other homogeneous material whose structure allows longitudinal wave propagation with relatively constant speed and from which a ultrasound beam reflection can be obtained from the opposite probe. 

  • This verification is used for thickness measurements of pipes, storage tanks, pressure vessels, metal structures etc.

Types of examinations:

  • Direct reading examination method;
  • žExamination by the method of multiple echoes.


  • object examined (pipes, tanks and other objects);
  • Precision;
  • žSpeed;
  • žMeasurement performed through the paint layer using D7908 probe with simultaneous display of material thickness and paint layer;
  • žMeasuring the thickness of the material at components with temperatures up to 500 °C in operation using D799 probe.


  • Olympus MG 45.