Positive material identification, using Innovi X System equipment, is a nondestructive examination method which consists of analyzing steel alloys and low alloys to establish their chemical composition by determining the percentage quantities of the constituents.

PMI-MASTER SMART is the first truly portable optical emission spectrometer for metal analysis. Thanks to its light weight and small size, the PMI-MASTER Smart can be conveniently carried, performing complete chemical analysis, especially in hard to reach areas. The rechargeable battery pack provides enough power for approx. 10 h in standby, 450 measurements in spark mode, depending on the measurement conditions.


  • Examination can be performed at the location designated by the client.
  • Dimensions and portability of the equipment allows tests on pipes in operation both at ground level and at height.
  • The equipment’s software allows direct reading of chemical composition.
  • It is an extremely fast method of examination, the result is obtained in 15 sec/ analysis.


  • Innovi X SYSTEM;
  • PMI – Master Smart.