The method of penetrating radiation or radiographic examination consists of the penetrating radiation interaction with photosensitive films. It may be carried out with X-rays or gamma rays.

Examination gamma radiation (gammagraphy) – consists of irradiating the controlled workpiece. The image on radiographic film is obtained after the irradiation of the internal macroscopic part structure.

žžX-rays examination – consists in controlled bombing of the workpiece by X-rays, radiographic film to give the internal image of the macroscopic structure of the workpiece.


  • žExamination of welds, castings and forgings.
  • Examination castings and forgings.


  • Generator of radiation type Eresco 65MF3 (300kv, 3mA, directional);
  • žEresco 65MF3 (300kv, 3mA);
  • žEresco 32 (200 Kv, 10 mA, panoramic);
  • žContainer Gammarid 120M (max. 120Ci);
  • žSentinel Elitte 800 (max. 50Ci).